2006 CARE Conference

Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation:
Research, Teaching and Practice
Session Slides and Videos


Jeff Abarbanell, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Financial Statement Analysis: The Key Issues (Slides ; Video)



Stephen Penman, Columbia University (did not utilize slides; (Video)

Bruce Johnson, University of Iowa (Slides ; Video)

Q & A Session Video



Xiao-Jun Zhang, University of California, Berkeley

Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation (Slides ; Video)



Jim Ohlson, Arizona State (Slides ; Video)

Peter Pope, Lancaster University (Slides ; Video)

Q & A Session Video



Mark Bradshaw, Harvard University

How do analysts forecast earnings and what do they do with these earnings? (Slides ; Video)



Rick Mendenhall, University of Notre Dame (Slides ; Video)

Patricia O'Brien, University of Waterloo (Slides ; Video)

Q & A Session Video



Doron Nissim, Columbia University

Forecasting Earnings (Slides ; Video)



Charles M.C. Lee, Barclay's Global Inverstors (Slides ; Video)

Richard Sloan, University of Michigan (Slides ; Video)

Q & A Session Video



Cathy Schrand, The Wharton School

Earnings Quality (Slides ; Video)



Ray Ball, University of Chicago (Slides ; Video)

Jake Thomas, Yale University (Slides ; Video)

Q & A Session Video






Panel Discussion: The Role of FSA in Enterprise Performance Evaluation, Hosted by Katherine Schipper (Slides ; Video)

~Roger Grabowski, Duff and Phelps, LLC
~David Marcus, Cornerstone Research
~Matthew Rothman, Sanford C. Bernstein, LLC

Q & A Session Video Panel 1

Q & A Session Video Panel 2








Panel Discussion: The Development of Financial Products, Hosted by Travor Harris, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

~Andrew Alford, Goldman Sachs
~Charles M.C. Lee, Barclays Global Investors
~David Modest, JPMorganChase
~Ramu Thiagarajan, Pequot Capital Management



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