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Our Focus:

Encouraging and supporting young faculty by providing a venue to discuss and develop accounting research that:

  • Affects the way both undergraduate and graduate students are trained and educated
  • Affects the practice of accounting and the use of accounting information
  • Is relevant to accounting standard setters

The Objective:

To strengthen the bridges between accounting research, accounting education, and accounting practice.

The Vehicles:

  • Annual Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation Conference
  • Annual Midwest Accounting Research Conference
  • Annual Department of Accountancy Fall Research Conference
  • Financial Statement Fraud Seminar Series
  • Development and Maintenance of Research Databases

Our Mission:

To support domestic and international faculty in the creation and dissemination of accounting knowledge.


The Center for Accounting
Research and Education at the
University of Notre Dame
facilitates and supports


academics domestically
and internationally
in the creation
and dissemination
of accounting knowledge.