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The founding editors of Accountability in a Sustainable World Quarterly recognize the immediate need for dialogue among academics and practitioners about sustainability, accountability, data and measurement, related assurance, high quality information to inform (responsible) investment decisions, and accountability in setting of personal, corporate, and public sector goals. The aim of Accountability in a Sustainable World Quarterly is to meet this need.

The goals are to (1) build and strengthen the links between academia (both teaching and research) and practice, (2) encourage younger academics by providing an opportunity to present their work to both other academics and practitioners, and (3) provide opportunities for practitioners to communicate with academics and influence their work. The journal will be cross-disciplinary, with a focus on measurement, assurance of the measurements, and use of the measures in the broadest sense. Articles will be short (2,000 to 4,000 words) and written by academics and practitioners with the intended readership comprising both groups.

We expect that Accountability in a Sustainable World Quarterly will be the leading practitioner-focused journal in the accounting for sustainability and responsible investing space.  The journal will advance the creation and dissemination of knowledge and understanding of issues of topical practical relevance through the publication of rigorous, peer-reviewed, research and thought-pieces written by cutting edge academics and practitioners.  The main focus of the peer-review process will be on the authenticity of the results, claims, and conclusions in the paper. 

The most important features of published papers will be topics related to climate change, ESG, CSR, and sustainability reporting provided that:  

  • The findings are of interest to and useful for accounting, business, and investment practitioners
  • The findings have inference and application to an accounting, business, and investment management audience beyond a particular region or sector
  • The exposition is not excessively theoretical or technical, although some technical presentation may sometimes be necessary
  • The arguments incorporate practical considerations, such as implementation, relevance to regulators and standard setters, implications for preparers, auditors and users of reports etc.
  • Where possible, alternative and supported opinions will be published in the same issue or consecutive issues

In addition to submissions of work that has not been published elsewhere, submissions may be non-technical expositions of technical work that have been published in journals where the primary audience is academics.

Summaries of interviews and panel discussions will be encouraged.


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Publication and distribution

Accountability in a Sustainable World Quarterly will be published with 15 to 20 articles per issue.  Distribution will be via email with a link to the digital platform. 
Subscription is a nominal at will fee of $99 per year.  

Articles will be illustrated via related color photographs and graphics as well as supporting charts and graphs as applicable to each article. 

Opportunities for advertising of such things as (but not limited to) data providers, consulting services related to integrated reporting, accounting for ESG, CSR and sustainability, and for conferences that may be of interest to the journal readership.

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts will be submitted via email to 
A non-refundable submission fee of $200 must be received within 10 business days of submission. 


Founding Editors

  • Jan Bouwens, Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business, Chairman of the Accounting Department, University of Amsterdam
  • Peter Easton, Academic Director, Center for Accounting Research and Education, Notre Dame Alumni Professor of Accountancy, University of Notre Dame
  • W Robert Knechel, Frederick E Fisher Eminent Scholar; Director, International Accounting and Auditing Center, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida; Senior Editor, The Accounting Review; Professor, University of Auckland and University of New South Wales
  • Shiva Rojgopal, Roy Bernard Kester and T.W. Byrnes Professor of Accounting and Auditing, Columbia Business School

Editorial Manager: Lorie Marsh, Program Manager, Center for Accounting Research and Education, University of Notre Dame



In the interest of wider reach, please feel free to share the journal with your colleagues. Submit all questions and concerns to


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