2024 Accountability in a Sustainable World Conference

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Call for Papers
Accountability in a Sustainable World Conference 2024
September 25 & 26, 2024

The fourth annual Accountability in a Sustainable World conference will again coincide with the Sustainable Investment Forum, North America (SINVNA), in conjunction with the United Nations Environmental Program Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI). The conference will include 12 plenary speeches, 4 panel discussions, and 20 contributed talks. In order to minimize the carbon footprint and to accommodate as many delegates as possible, these sessions will be presented virtually.

Contributed talks are sought from academics and non-academics. Non-academics are asked to pose questions they believe should be on the academics' research agendas, and academics are asked to present aspects of their research that are particularly informative to a wide cross-section of non-academics. Submission of a summary (2,000-4,000 words) of the talk is sought. The Editors of the journal will choose the 20 most suitable submissions. Accepted submissions will be presented at the conference and published in ASWQ. Other submissions may be considered for future issues of the journal. Submission of non-academic friending versions of research that has been published in the leading academic journals is encouraged. Consistent with the goals of ASWQ, the publication of these summaries increases the impact of the original work by exposing it to a wider readership.

Speakers will have the opportunity to publish their talk in an upcoming issue of Accountability in a Sustainable World Quarterly (ASWQ), the first peer-reviewed sustainability journal to deliver academic content to the broader business and academic audiences. The goal of the journal and the conference is to form a firm foundation for the exchange of ideas about pressing questions, which have the potential to be answered/informed by academic research.

The founding editors of ASWQ recognize the continued urgent need for dialogue among academics and non-academics about sustainability, accountability, measurement, assurance of the measures, data to inform (responsible) investment decisions, and accountability in setting personal, corporate, and public sector goals. The aim of ASWQ is to meet this need.

The goals are to (1) build and strengthen the links between academia (both teaching and research) and practice, (2) encourage younger academics by providing an opportunity to present their work to both other academics and non-academics, and (3) provide opportunities for non-academics to communicate with academics and influence their work. The journal is cross-disciplinary, with a focus on measurement, assurance of the measurements, and use of the measures. Articles will be short (2,000 to 4,000 words) and written by academics and non-academics, with the intended readership comprising both of these groups.

ASWQ advances the creation and dissemination of knowledge and understanding of issues of topical practical relevance through the publication of rigorous, peer-reviewed, research and thought-pieces written by cutting edge academics and non-academics. The main focus of the peer-review process will be on the authenticity of the results, claims, and conclusions in the paper.

The most important features of published papers are topics related to climate change, ESG, CSR, and sustainability reporting provided that: 
· The findings are of interest to and useful for accounting and investment non-academics
· The findings have inference and application to an accounting and investment management audience beyond a particular region or sector
· The exposition is not excessively theoretical or technical, although some technical presentation may sometimes be necessary
· The arguments incorporate practical considerations, such as implementation, relevance to regulators and standard setters, implications for preparers, auditors, and users of reports, etc.
· Where possible, alternative and supported opinions will be published in the same issue or consecutive issues In addition to submissions of work that has not been published elsewhere, submissions may be non-technical expositions of technical work that have been published in journals where the primary audience is academics.

Please submit papers via email to asw@nd.edu on or before May 31, 2024. A non-refundable submission fee of $200 must be received within 10 business days of submission.

Direct all questions to asw@nd.edu. For further details on the submission process, visit https://care-mendoza.nd.edu/accountability-in-a-sustainable-world-quarterly/paper-submission/.

Past issues of ASWQ may be found at https://care-mendoza.nd.edu/accountability-in-a-sustainable-world-quarterly/. Videos of presentations at past conferences may be found by navigating to the conference page at: https://care-mendoza.nd.edu/.