2009 Reading List Easton 2

Research Design Issues in Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation

Papers on which the presentation will be based:  

Scale Issues:
Easton, P. (1998) "Discussion of Revalued Financial, Tangible, and Intangible Assets, Association with Share Prices and Non Market-Based Value Estimates." Journal of Accounting Research 36(Supplement):235-247.
Easton, P., and G. Sommers (2003) "Scale and the Scale-Effect in Market-Based Accounting Research." Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting 30(1-2):25-56.
Estimating Discretionary Accruals:
Guay, W., S. Kothari, and R. Watts (1996) "A Market-Based Evaluation of Discretionary Accrual Models." Journal of Accounting Research 34(Supplement):83-105.
Understanding Earnings Quality:
Francis, J., R. LaFond, P. Olsson, and K. Schipper (2004) "Cost of Equity and Earnings Attributes." The Accounting Review 79(4):967-1010.
Easton, P., V. Nikolaev, and L. van Lent (2009) "Price Convexity, Debt-Related Agency Costs and Timely Loss Recognition." CARE Working Paper Series.