Faculty Experts & Staff

We are honored and proud to have a fine group of researchers and faculty members at the University of Notre Dame. Faculty Experts include:

Auditing & Assurance ServicesDavid Ricchiute | Sandra Vera-Muñoz

Corporate GovernanceJeffrey Burks

CostKenneth Milani | Michael Morris | Sandra Vera-Muñoz

Decision-Making InformationSandra Vera-Muñoz

Earnings ManagementBrad Badertscher

FinancialBrad Badertscher | Jeffrey Burks | Stephannie Larocque | Chao-Shin Liu | Jeffrey Miller | Fred Mittelstaedt | William Nichols | Ramachandran Ramanan |Thomas Schaefer | Thomas Stober

Financial Statement Analysis and ValuationPeter Easton | Thomas Stober

ForecastingStephannie Larocque

FraudThomas Frecka

International AccountingJuan Rivera

ManagerialAsis Martinez-Jerez | Kenneth Milani | Michael Morris | Ramachandran Ramanan | Sandra Vera-Muñoz

TaxesKenneth Milani |Jim Seida | James Wittenbach

Professional Specialist: Jim Fuehrmeyer | Laura Hollis | Edward Hums | Brian Levey | Mike Meyer | Tonia Hap Murphy | James O'Brien | Janet O'Tousa | William Schmuhl

Adjunct and Concurrent Faculty: Frank Agostino | Jim Breen | Michael Favorite | Brian Fox | Bob Hames | Tracy Knox | Doug Kroll | Jessica Mark| Peter Sweeney | Joe Tapajna | Chris Wray

Emerti FacultyTom Frecka | Kevin Misiewicz | Juan Rivera

Editorial Positions

Peter Easton
Editor, Review of Accounting Studies
Associate Editor, Accounting and Business Research 
Associate Editor, Journal of Accounting Research
Associate Editor, Accounting and Finance
Associate Editor, Journal of Business, Financie and Accounting
Associate Editor, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance

Juan Rivera
Editorial Board, International Trade Journal
Editorial Board, Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation
International Editorial Board,Forum Empresarial, University of Puerto Rico
Editorial Board, Revista de Contabilidad, Spanish Association of University Professors in Accounting

Thomas Stober
Committee Member, American Accounting Association, Financial Accounting Standards Committee (AAA FASC)
Committee Member, American Accounting Associaton, Financial Accounting and Reporting Section
Financial Reporting Policy Committee (AAA FARS FRPC)

Ramachandran Ramanan
Consulting Editor, Journal of Education for Business

Thomas Schaefer
Associate Editor, Accounting Educators' Journal