2021 CARE Conference - Accounting for Sustainability and Responsible Investing

Thank you for your continued interest in the Center and in Accounting for Sustainability and Responsible Investing. We look forward to discussing the topic at the 2021 CARE Conference. Mark your calendars for May 19-21, 2021; we look forward to welcoming you to Notre Dame! 

The 2021 CARE conference will be held on the beautiful campus of the University of Notre Dame, on May 20 and 21, 2021. This conference is the first of two conferences on the topic Accounting for Sustainability and Responsible Investing. The second, which will be held in 2022, will focus on selected academic research papers that are based on discussions at this conference. 

The conference will bring together accountants, finance-professionals, law-professionals, law-makers, standard-setters, economists, investors and scientists as well as academics from the sciences, accounting, finance, law and economics.  As with all CARE conferences, the main goal will be to set a research agenda for many emerging scholars, which will address key issues related to accounting for sustainability and responsible investing.  We anticipate that the highly informed, often provocative speakers will bring much attention to these critical issues. 

A list of tentative speakers can be found below. 

Keynote Speakers 
Professor Chris Easton  Research Scientist, Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University
Professor Graham Farquhar, AO Leading Australian Climate Scientist, Australian National University
Dr. Geoff Garrett, AO Former Queensland Chief Scientist
Dr. Karl Braganza Manager of Climate Monitoring, Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Panel Sessions
Setting the stage: Why should and how can accounting and finance faculty become involved?
Gerben De Zwart   Managing Director, Quantitative Strategies, APG, The Netherlands
Professor Stephen Taylor Member, Australian Accounting Standards Board
Don Chew Editor, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
Paul Druckman Chairman, World Benchmarking Alliance
Professor Michael Molitor Climate Change Research Center, University of New South Wales
Andrew Porter  Immediate Past Chair, Group of 100 and CFO, Australian Foundation Investment Company
Alan Willis CPA Canada
Professor Gord Richardson  Rotman School of Accounting, University of Toronto
Professor Paul Griffin University of California, Davis
Natalie Ambrosio Editor, Four Twenty Seven
Panel Q&A Q&A with all of the day's speakers
Responsible Investing
Jeremy Deaton Associate Director, Editorial, Nexus Media
Dr. Don Hamson Managing Director, Plato Investment Management
Richard Spencer Head of Sustainability, Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales
Simon O'Connor CEO, Responsible Investment Association Australasia
Dr. Gavin Smith Manager ESG Portfolio, Quantitative Management Associates
Jing Zhang Manager, Moody's Analytics
Professor Martina Linnenlueke  Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Disclosure, Macquarie University
Professor Tom Smith  Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Disclosure, Macquarie University
Panel Q&A Q&A with all of the day's speakers
Professor Sandra Vera Munoz Chair, Department of Accountancy, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame
Professor Richard Barker University of Oxford
Roseline Klein Watercare Services Ltd.
Professor Naomi Soderstrom  University of Melbourne
Professor Jeff Hales Chair, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
Kris Peach Chair, Australian Accounting Standards Board
Nick Ridehalgh Partner; National Leader, Better Business Reporting Group, KPMG
Dr. Alan Teixeira Global Head of IFRS Implementation, Deloitte
Ian Mackintosh Chair, Corporate Reporting Dialogue
Panel Q&A Q&A with all of the day's speakers

Sponsorship by: Cambridge Business Publishers and the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business.


Agenda subject to change. Please contact Lorie Marsh (lmarsh1@nd.edu) for additional information or questions. In the meantime, we hope you and yours remain healthy.